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The cough or sneeze response to the Ambu-bag compressor is probably to reset stroke to full bag expansion and hold xxx ms. to re-establish differential pressure loop control. Some of this also depends upon the specific mask design used, which I think has not been ‘frozen’. For those designers wishing to use fast linear actuators and servos to compress an ambu bag, go to progressive automations on line. They have fast 12 volt actuators capable of speeds of 3 to 11 inches per sec at different force levels, some directly compatible with arduino controllers . The bellows only require minor modification to make them suitable for a ventilator. Looking and not seeing, forgive me if it is somewhere here.



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Im sure people would dedicate their printer time and a lot of companies probably just have there’s sitting offline. I’m not a mechanical engineer so you would all know if that would help or not for some of the parts. Obviously other more refined materials would be better but something is better than nothing and the number of needed vents might drive the need for less than ideal materials. I’d happily dedicate my printer to the cause which is currently just sitting offline. There are some postings of people’s 3d models starting to be linked in here in an ad hoc fashion. Could the MIT team consider putting up a link to someone’s site that could host these "external" cad models – they will be very valuable if only to generate ideas in different parts of the world.



If the motor or electronics fail, the cam could still be hand-cranked. A crank would be easier to sustain manually than squeezing a bag. If not a woofer, maybe a piston driven by a cam?



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